“A Story of a Beautiful Journey “

It was a time of pure silence, where there is no one else but herself.

Her ears long deaf for any symphony

Her eyes long shut for any beauty.

It was a time of pure bliss.

A world with a monochrome view.

With all doors shut permanently all she can see is the long road of tomorrow.

She swallowed an ocean of tears and continued to a path with no flow.

Her vision dark and hazy but somehow she can look clearly.

She walked blindly to a direction that’s already lost hoping somehow that this is her journey.

And then it happened…

The landscape she’s been so hungry to find is staring back at her.

The rainbow covered with gems of different glow awaiting for her arrival.

Vibrant. Shining. Alive.

And it was as if the hurricane stopped and the dismal dark cloud gone.

Everything around her sparkled like stones of diamond.

It was then that she realized how long and tiring her journey went and yet she succeeded on passing every trial.

Scarred she may be but no longer wounded.

The visions of every failure that now turned into a great success healed her distress.

Now she understands clearly every thread of her path.

A stream of recollection is flooding her mind, those moments of deep sadness caused by every fall.

For a moment she believed that her story is a pure defeat but she fought so hard to keep that soft paint of hope she has left.

Although it took her a while to let go of her cowardice what matters most is the decision to keep going in spite of every fall.

And in the end she was commended with the success she greatly craved.

“It wasn’t easy” she said, yet she smiled as she continued to say “It’s all worth it!”

She now truly see the beauty of every failure, for every defeat and unsuccessfulness moulded her to see clearly, to keep going, to keep dreaming and to keep believing.

It’s a story we all need to see and understand.

That failure is far from being the end but a chance to start anew. It is an experience of so much learnings and a chance of unending beginnings.

Although the destination seems afar, a concrete determination will be our ticket to succeed.

And if we don’t stop striving, the rainbow of success awaits us, willing to give the trophy we so much yearned.


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Much love❤️❤️💋💋,


Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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Hello! Welcome to thatgirlArlene! I created this blog to share my love for fashion, beauty, style, travel and literature. My goal is to encourage everyone to pursue and embrace the things that you're passionate about, to chase your dreams and to simply love life. ThatgirlArlene is my own penned fairy tale about this adventure called life.

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