Choosing to see the beauty of life

Often times we focused ourselves to see just the challenges that life throws us. We tend to forget that life is not always about these challenges. Life is not only about difficulties and hardships.

But we are wrong! Because life is so much more than that.

Sometimes, we choose to see what’s in front of us and we refuse to look around and widen our horizon. You see, life has a lot to offer. A lot to make you experience and feel but it’s always up to us to either  choose the bright side or the darker side.

I’ve been through bad days as well. Like many others, I came to a point where I hated life so much. It felt like life has nothing to offer to me anymore. I believed that for too long and never realized that I was wasting so much time and opportunities in drowning myself with so much negativity.

It’s when I finally look around to see people around me that woke me up. You see a lot of people who choose to find purpose in life and they serve and live that purpose. They are very lucky for they know how to follow their heart. You see people smiling, laughing and chooses to have a good time. You see them shouting with life.

And then there was me. Wrapped in the sorrow that my past experiences showered me. I chose to sit in the darkest corner where I can’t see nor appreciate life’s beauty.

Finally, I felt left out. I felt tired of being just a girl in the shadow. I became thirsty to know, experience and explore life.

That was the beginning of me being alive again.

You see, life is wide. It’s infinite. It could be beautiful or it could be dark.

What I learned is that we choose our own lives. We either shout with joy or scream with sorrow. We laugh or cry. We succeed or fail. We live or die. It’s up to us.

Indeed,  life is not easy. Well who said it is anyways right? Of course it is not. But how we handle these situations still depends on us.

I encourage everyone to always see the beauty of every situation. To appreciate every detail that life is making us see. To love in spite of the heaviness we feel inside. To be inspired even though we feel like our dreams are being shattered right in front of us. To continue dreaming after so many failures.  To continue believing that YOU serve purpose in this life.

To simply love life and pass every step of the way with a smile in our faces. Although scarred and tired at times, choose to still believe that life has a lot to offer.

Giving up is NEVER an option. Do not sit around and think that you’re left with no more opportunities instead, get up and choose to look around. Step up and fight for your dreams for everyone of us deserves to taste success.

I’ll end this by saying “Life is beautiful!!!” (Ok! I repeated myself a few times but hell! Life is really beautiful . 😊)

But we hold the choice of either appreciating life or believing that our lives has ended.

Look around, see people smiling, see the beauty of the summer mornings.

Appreciate every single detail that’s happening in your life. For they serve bigger purpose.

Go out.. enjoy night walks, try different things.. go to places you’ve never been. Experience life more. Chose to be alive.

Choose to love life. !!❤❤❤


Arlene  Kischaen Aboli 💋💋


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Hello! Welcome to thatgirlArlene! I created this blog to share my love for fashion, beauty, style, travel and literature. My goal is to encourage everyone to pursue and embrace the things that you're passionate about, to chase your dreams and to simply love life. ThatgirlArlene is my own penned fairy tale about this adventure called life.

5 thoughts on “Choosing to see the beauty of life

  1. I love your words here and I can resonate with much of it. There are times when you have to nearly force yourself to see the beauty around you and step out of life even for just a minute.
    You earn a follow 😃

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