“Product Review: Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Hair Mask”

Finding a hair mask that really works is one of the most painstaking hunt I’ve ever done in my entire life and a lot of you would probably agree to this. For the past two years (or even more), I’ve been facing a tremendous problem with my dry and damaged hair causing me to experiment with a lot of hair treatment products including hair mask but I always end up jumping from one product to another because none of them worked or solved my hair problems.

I remember last year when I excitedly went to my hairdresser for some highlights but he encouraged me to cut my hair instead because according to him, my hair is really dry and doing some highlights will just make it worse but I of course insisted. Just two months after that, I went to another hairdresser to dye my hair and then after a few more weeks, I went to another hairdresser to redo my highlights. To be honest, I just couldn’t keep still with my hair, I always want to do something new and something diffrent. This obviously added more damage on my already damaged hair so last month, I was left with no other choice but to chopped my hair off into a bob. To my surprise, I actually like it although it has been five years since I last sported a short hair.

After cutting my hair, I made a promise to stop going to the hairdresser (at least for now!) other than a haircut (if needed) and focused on healing my hair. This is how I stumbled upon this hair mask by Moroccanoil. I’ve read good things about this brand so I decided to try out their Intense Hydrating Hair Mask. This mask claims to hydrate, condition and restore hair elasticity which is perfect for what my hair direly needed. This mask contains Argan Oil which is really effective on repairing dry and damaged hair.

This mask is available in Sephora for $19.00 CAD for a 75 ml tube. It is a bit pricey for a hair mask but after seeing the results, I can honestly say that this mask is worth every penny!

The packaging itself is cute and very eye catching. I like that it came in a tube because it didn’t only help to measure the correct amount of product you want to use but it’s also very sanitary as oppose to the usual hair mask containers available in the market. The smell is also heavenly! I can’t really put it to words but it is soft and beautiful in the nose.

The conditioning effect is very much noticeable after just one use. I noticed that my hair feels and looks softer once my hair dried. I use it three times a week just like what the instructions indicated in the tube and after just over a month of using this mask, I can say that my hair is in it’s best condition for the past two years. What amazed me most is how it calmed the dryness of my hair especially the ends which used to look so frigid and rough. Now, the ends of hair looks and feels so soft and relaxed which I really liked so I can’t help myself to constantly touch it all throughout the day because I seriously can’t believe how this masked healed my hair. I also noticed that I have lesser hair fall now compared before which I believe is an indication that my hair is a lot healthier now.

This mask also helped to bring back the shine on my hair and completely removed the dull look I’ve been trying to hide for the past few months.

Although the tube only contains 75 ML, you don’t really need a lot of product to use to completely cover your hair in every application so this will actually last for a while. I’ve been using this for over a month now, 3 times a week and the bottle is still 1/2 full. I use this mask just as what the directions indicated and it works.

Over all, this is such an amazing hair mask and I can honestly say that this is the ONLY hair mask that really addressed and resolved my hair’s issue in less than a month! My hair looks and feels amazing now and I couldn’t be more happier because of this. This mask definitely captured my heart and already made a place in my hair care routine! I would definitely recommend this to any one who is trying to treat their dry and damaged hair.

Have you tried this hair mask yet? How did it worked for you?

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