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Tarte is one of my favorite makeup brands mainly because they produce high quality products so when Sephora offered the “Play with Clay Discovery Set” as one of the items on their Rewards Bazaar, I automatically snagged this set in exchange of my hard earned 500 points (?).

This set contains five products from Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Collection namely the Smooth Operator Finishing Powder (2.2 g), 12-hr Blush in Concept (1.5 g), 12-hr full coverage Foundation sample card (0.05 ml), Gifted Mascara (5ml) and the Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess (3.0g).

I first talked about this kit on my September 2017 Sephora Haul and after using it for a few weeks now, I thought it’s time for me to share my thoughts on these products. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to include the Amazonian Clay Foundation on this review because I haven’t used it yet and I don’t think I will ever use it because although the card contains five different shades and I might find a match on my skin tone, I really think that the the amount of product in each shade won’t be enough for me to share a justifiable review about it so I have to skip it.

Anyways, let’s begin with the review…

•Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara•

This is probably my favorite in this set because of so many reasons. First off is the beautiful wooden container which looks really cute and stylish for a mascara. The applicator is very handy and the wand really helps to evenly apply the product on my lashes with it’s small bristles. This mascara helped to elongate my lashes which I find very helpful because my lashes are almost not visible without a mascara. The bristles seems to separate the lashes from each other to avoid the clumpy look. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that it didn’t add any volume on my lashes so I had to use this along with my L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara if I’m looking for a thicker lashes on a particular day but over all this is a good mascara which is very effective on lengthening your lashes.

Would I purchase the full size?: Yes!

•Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Concept•

I am not a big fan of blushes which I probably already mentioned on my previous posts but I’ve been using this blush daily in order for me to be able to share an accurate review for you guys. I am actually very impressed on how pigmented this blush is yet it still managed to give you a natural finish. It is very blendable and buildable if you’re one who prefer a more “defined” or more unsubtle finish. This shade has a combination of peach and pinkish color which is perfect for my skin tone. This product is making me change my take on blushes because I really like how it adds color in my everyday makeup look.

Would I purchase the full size?: Probably not since I can get a mini size which would probably last me a few months for a way lesser prize.

•Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess•
I actually have a mixed feelings on this bronzer and this is the reason why it took me a little while to share a review on this kit because I had to experiment a bit on this one but I still didn’t get the result I want. This shade is very sheer for my skin tone to act as a bronzer since the shade is probably just one step darker than my skin color so you can’t even tell that I’m wearing a bronzer. I tried different kind of brushes and I tried to build it up but it just didn’t work for me which is such as a shame because I really like the consistency of this bronzer and the smell is just so heavenly, almost like a chocolate bar! It also feels so silky on the skin so I’m guessing that if I get the right shade, it would probaby give me a natural finish. I actually tried using it as a base for my eyeshadow and it worked! The packaging is also super cute and it looks really sturdy. Over all, this is a nice bronzer for as long as I have the correct shade.

Would I purchase the full size?: For this shade, No but will probably change my mind if I find a correct shade for my skin tone.

•Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder•

I’ve been wanting to try a finishing powder in a long while now so I’m excited to finally get this product. I initially didn’t like this and had to stop using it for a few days before deciding to give it another shot and I’m glad I did because I actually find it effective as a setting powder for my foundation. The powder feels so silky and soft on the skin and the powder itself looks really fine. Now, I have an oily skin and I noticed that this powder helped to reduce oiliness on my face especially on my T-zone. It also did a great job on giving me a smooth and matte finish for about 8 hours. You have to really be careful on this product though because if you use so much of the powder then it would be a disaster because it’ll leave some white residue on the skin. You need just a tiny bit of powder for your entire face which can really be tricky to attain on this one because the container doesn’t help. It only has two little holes at the center of the lid which makes it difficult for the product to come out or for you to even measure the correct amount of powder to use and because of this, the application is always messy! Other than that it’s a decent finishing powder once you get the trick on how it’s going to work for you.

Would I purchase the full size?: Probably not since I have more reasons to dislike it.

Over all, I actually like this kit and I want to say that it’s worth my 500 Sephora points. Although I didn’t like all items in this kit, it still a nice way to try out some of Tarte’s products before deciding to buy the full size.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts about it?

Much love,

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