“August Instagram Recap”


If there’s one thing I love besides blogging, writing, makeup, shopping and wandering it’s probably photography. I am one of those people who would take thousands of pictures in every trip, event, occasions or even just in a regular day because I just want to preserve those beautiful moments that may never happen again. I also love watching old pictures because it reminds me of every beautiful story behind those pictures. It’s just fun!

So for today’s post, I want to share with you all what I’ve been sharing on Instagram. I’d say these posts can literally reflect my busy schedule at work which is why I didn’t have much activities in this beautiful summer month (sigh!).

My August posts shows a few food snaps, sneak peaks of a new blog post, our short travel to Quebec City and a selfie! And that’s pretty much what happened this month.

Anyways, I am super excited for September since my favorite season-Autumn is finally on its way! Yey! I’m hoping for a more relax month at work and more spare time to relax!

What have you been snapping in the month of August?

Much love,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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