“Writer’s Block: What to do?”

Hey everyone! Hope everything is good with you all! ❤

First of all, I would like to apologize (one more time 😛) for being MIA for the past few weeks in the blogging world. It’s not that I can’t find time to blog or I’m runnin’out of ideas or topics to write or talk about but it’s because …well, let’s blame it on this so called Writer’s Block! I’ve been experiencing this for quite some time now and I’m getting more and more upset that I still couldn’t write anything or I still couldn’t finish any poem or even a quote!

Someone told me not to force myself to write and to take my time, which I did that’s why I wasn’t able to share any posts on my blog but I really really want to be able to write again especially now that I have a few pending collaborations with other bloggers that  I really have to finish.

And so I am asking help to all of you guys in the blogging world. What do you normally do when you are experiencing the writer’s block? Would you recommend any activity or just basically anything for me to try that will somehow help me to be able to write again?

Thank you in advance for your help lovely people! Thank you to those people who are still reading, liking and commenting on my works even though I’ve been so inactive for the past few weeks.. and yes, sorry for writing this lousy plea 😁 (again, I can’t seem to write what’s on my mind).
Thank you guys for reading! Have a good one!❤

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Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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Hello! Welcome to thatgirlArlene! I created this blog to share my love for fashion, beauty, style, travel and literature. My goal is to encourage everyone to pursue and embrace the things that you're passionate about, to chase your dreams and to simply love life. ThatgirlArlene is my own penned fairy tale about this adventure called life.

6 thoughts on ““Writer’s Block: What to do?”

  1. Hi, Arlene. I’ve had the same struggles myself occasionally. For me, I try to find a new book or movie. Art inspires art, in my opinion. I’m fortunate enough to have a daughter who never fails to help me look at the world differently also.

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  2. Make yourself write something and then put it to one side. Come back to it a few days later and then see if it can be improved. Eventually you should produce something worthwhile.


  3. I look at Pinterest for inspiration, they usually have a lot of blogging ideas to choose from. I also write down what I love to talk about or keep it simple by writing about something I did over the week.


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