Things to Remember after being Cheated on


Being cheated on is truly devastating. It gives you a thousand reasons to doubt yourself. It makes you question your worth.

However, being cheated on could also be a good thing. It gives you wings to explore the world and better yourself. It gives you the chance to love yourself more and forget someone who is not worth it. It gives you another chance to finally meet someone that you truly deserve.

Yes! Being cheated on could be the kind of freedom that you need to move forward. The kind of kick that could make you understand what you truly deserve in a relationship.

So if you’re someone who has experienced being cheated on, here are things for you to remember and to hopefully help you to continue moving on.

  •  It is not your fault!

Cheaters will always find a reason to put the blame on their victims. They will try to find a flaw to justify what they have done, that it’s not their mistake it’s yours. But never believe them. It is not your fault if they can’t feel satisfaction and contentment for what they already have. It is NEVER your fault!

  • You are worth it!

Regardless of how worthless you feel after knowing that someone cheated on you, never ever allow yourself to continue on believing this lie. You are worthy!, the problem was that, that person was so blind that he cannot see your real value.

  • You are beautiful!

After learning about his infidelity, you have the tendency to believe that you are not beautiful enough that is why he was able to replace you. Wrong! Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see a woman who is scarred but still finds the reason to smile? Do you see that woman who is deeply wounded but is still choosing to see happiness? Do you see a woman who is in pain but finds the courage to move forward?. Yes! That is the real beauty!. It is more than just a pretty face or a perfect body. It is your unique character and personality.

  • It’s not your loss, It’s HIS loss!

Losing someone who can’t stay faithful and who can’t respect the basic rules of a relationship is a blessing. A guy like that is no man at all and is not worth to keep. Whereas, you are a woman of real value. A woman of pure strength with a genuine beauty to match. Losing a woman like you is his loss!


  • The pain does not last!

I know, it hurts. I mean, after all the chances you have given him he still chose to repay you with so much lies. You’ve been real and he gave you nothing but deceit. So it’s normal to feel the pain. You are human and we feel emotions. However, you must remember that the pain will fade away. Soon you’ll look back and laugh at this memory and be thankful for the pain he caused you because it made you a better person.


  • Life must go on!

Remember all those years and months that you wasted to keep this kind of relationship and never allow yourself to waste another minute. Life continues. The clock will continue ticking so you must pick yourself up and be better. Never allow his memories and the pain that he caused to stop you from achieving your goals and dreams. Leave everything behind and continue on your journey.

  • Love yourself!

After loving someone who disrespected and fooled you, know that it is time for you to love yourself NOW. You have given so much to a person who chose to waste everything so focus your time on yourself for now. Reinvent yourself, do things that you have always wanted to do or try new things. Splurge yourself for once. You deserve it!. Remember that it is YOU who needs to love yourself first and not anybody else.



There you go, the things that every woman should remember after being with a deceitful guy.

I’ll end this by saying that you are not the first person to experience this kind of situation. I have been through it as well and I am happy to say that I was able to overcome this obstacle like a piece of cake. There are women out there who were or are going through it as well but this is not the end of your journey in life. This is just another chapter. You will soon get through it. Believe me!

Oh and yes! Please remember that he is NOTHING! Be thankful instead because he has given you the chance to meet someone way better than a guy who does not understand fidelity.

So put your red lipstick on and wear your most beautiful smile! (wink! wink!)



Much love beautiful ladies,




Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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