“November 2017 Instagram Recap”

Time for another monthly recap post! Funny how these kind of posts makes me realize even more how time flies so so fast! I feel like I just shared my October 2017 Instagram Recap yesterday and now December is fastly approaching. I am not complaining though since I consider December as my favorite month because of the Holidays and of course it’s also my birth month. Shout-out to all the December babies out there!

Anyways, let me share you all what I’ve been posting on Instagram…

I’m actually proud of myself because I was more consistent on posting pictures on IG this month compared last month.

Can you guys imagine we’ve already been getting snow this month!! If I remember it correctly, this has not happened here in Montreal for the past two or three years so I was like, really?? No! Snow! Go away!

This month is also very exciting because I was able to do my very first Instagram Collaboration with a teeth whitening company called Carbon Coco!

And of course, a few blog post preview like this one…

Amongst all the pictures I’ve shared this month, I’d say my favorite would be the preview for my November 2017 Sephora Haul post.

And that’s my November 2017 Instagram Recap! Hope you enjoyed this post.

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