“Summer Make-up Essentials”

Summer is the time of the year when applying make-up is a bit tricky (well, at least for me) because of the warm temperature that causes us to sweat heavily which then can ruin everything that you applied on your face. On top of that, the sun can also be dangerous on our skin because of its UV radiation. And so because of all of these factors, I personally tend to change some the beauty products that I use not only to keep my make up last but to also protect my skin.

For the Face:

Sunscreen, Moisturizer and Face Serum are a must have for me all year round because these products protects the skin from all the environmental toxins that are damaging to the skin. During the summer though, I tend to choose a moisturizer that has an added SPF especially that my sunscreen only contains 15 SPF. The Serum also helps my skin to look hydrated which makes make up application way easy.

For my foundation and powder, I am currently using Nars All day Luminous Weightless Foundation and NYX Hydra Touch. Both products lasts all day and gives me that natural summer glow.

I also love applying bronzer as a busher to give me a little bit of color on my face.

Since I tend to sweat a lot, I also have to have these Oil control sheets. I use this to wipe away the sweat from my face instead of a facial tissue since it doesn’t ruin or erase my foundation as much as when I use a facial tissue.

For the Eyes:

For eye makeups, I usually use products that are cream and liquid based because to minimize creasing. I combine both dark and light colors for my eyeshadow depending on the look that I am trying to obtain.

For the Lips:

Lip balms are a must have for me during the summer because my lips tend to dry alot during this time. For lipsticks, I love wearing dark shades (all year round).

And so there goes my Summer Beauty Essentials, how about you ladies? What’s your favorite summer essentials?

Let me know on the comment box section if you want some detailed reviews on any of these products

Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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6 thoughts on ““Summer Make-up Essentials”

  1. I swear by Nars foundation. I normally use sheer glow but i recently purchased all day luminous and I love it! I am currently giving away over £50 worth of makeup on my blog if you are interested! I think you will quite like the products I chose! xxx


      1. I honestly got the travel size from my ipsy glam bag so I recommend purchasing the travel size if you are unsure. It will last you about 2-2 1/2 months. The pigmentation is great, it’s so easy to use and the staying power lasts all day which is awesome.


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