“Gel Eyeliner Battle: Product Review”

Eyeliner is definitely a part of my daily look for the past years. If there is one product that I can’t live without, I will certainly choose eyeliner. Over the years, I tried a lot of brands and kinds of eyeliners in the market. Gel based eyeliner is my current favorite since this product lasts longer than the pencil eyeliners.

I have tried a few different brands of gel eyeliners so I thought I would share a review of these products to hopefully help you guys find the best gel eyeliner.

*Stila Smudge Pot

This is a very interesting product that’s why I picked it among all other liners at Sephora because it is an eyeliner and eye shadow in one bottle. It is very long lasting, waterproof and doesn’t crease but I was really disappointed with this product. The color is more of a greyish black which is the first disappointment since I prefer really dark liners. The product also dried out after just a month even if I was using it everyday and the consistency turned very flaky which made me stop using it completely. I will probably not repurchase this product and would give it a 1 out of 5 score.

*Maybelline Eyestudio

This is the first drugstore gel eyeliner I have purchased and I didn’t like it. I picked the one in Eggplant to add variety on my liners. This product does not lasts long and is difficult to apply since the consistency is a bit dry. I used this product maybe twice or trice and never used it again. I’m not going to repurchase and would give this a 1 out of 5 score.

*Clinique Cream Liner

I picked the one in True Black and was very impressed when I first applied it. This product is long-lasting, does not crease and does not smudge. The consistency is very creamy which made it easy to apply. I highly recommend this product and would give it a 5 out of 5 score.

*E.L.F  Gel liner

I have a mix feelings about this product. I love the intensity of the color and how it last a long time. It also does not smudge which is a plus but then the consistency is a bummer. When I first use it, it was a bit oily which made it very difficult to apply and then it became dry after just a few weeks. If e.l.f would use an ingredient that would make this product last longer I would probably repurchase. I will give this a 3 out of 5 score.

*H&M Gel Eyeliner

I already made a little review about this product on my previous post (H&M Cosmetics) but I would still like to include it on this post. This is my favorite among all of the five liners. I love the intensity of the color and the consistency which is why it is very easy to apply. It also lasts long and does not smudge or crease. I would recommend this liner and would give it a 5 out of 5 score.

Have you tried any of these liners? What gel liner would you recommend?

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