“To all the women who have been cheated on”


A beautiful qoute to ponder. (Credits to the owner)

So I see you are giving up, you are slowly believing that you are not good enough…

You are starting to question if you did everything right…

You’re blaming yourself for all of his mistakes and misgivings.

You’re slowly losing yourself and you don’t even know it.

Look at yourself in the mirror, do you see your flaws or your beauty?

Do you compare yourself to his other girl and question what does she have that you don’t? Or do you choose to appreciate what you see?

Does knowing that he is cheating on you make you hate and blame yourself? Or does it push you to become a better you?

Being cheated on is emotionally draining, it causes you pain that you can never ever explain, it makes you question your worth and it makes you focus on your flaws.

But being cheated on also makes you stronger. It opens your eyes into a new world, a new life that you thought you would never ever experience.

It helps you to move on and let go and recreate yourself to someone you never thought you could be.

It opens a door to a new journey, to a new life and to a better destination.

I know you are hurting right now and you don’t seem to see the brighter side of this situation.

Feel the pain and cry a river, but know that this soon will be over. One day you’ll smile again and this will soon be a forgotten memory.

Always remember that a guy who chose to involve himself in another person while in a relationship is no man at all and is not worthy to keep.

If he blames you for cheating,                     never ever believe him…

For a guy who seeks pleasure with other girls in spite of having a woman beside him is the king of deception.

Never let him feed you with his lies.

Know that you are beautiful inside and out, You’re a gem soon to be discovered by the right man who knows how to value what they have.

Love yourself and do your best to forget him, for he is NOT worth it.

Allow yourself to heal and never allow him to continously scar your heart.

You are an amazing person who truly deserve someone better.

So pick yourself up and continue on your journey.

Focus on your goals and on achieving a better life.

Never allow a guy like him to make you lose your focus.


And you see, life will be better if you’re not suffocated by all of his lies.

So go ahead beautiful girl, spread your wings and move on. Life is precious. Continue living.

You can do it!!



From a very good writer who I follow on instagram. Credits to Melissa Molomo




Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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  • youmustbehighxo
    July 11, 2016 at 7:16 PM

    i absolutely love this! i hate how girls being cheated on leads to them feeling insecure and not good enough; i understand why, but its really upsetting to see beautiful, smart girls feel terrible because of something a morally weak man does. brilliant post!

    • thatgirlarlene
      July 13, 2016 at 3:58 AM

      Thank you 😊 it’s really sad to see women in this situation. I mean being cheated on is not an easy situation. It’s very heart breaking. However, they just need to be reminded that this situation does not defind them. Instead it’s a chance for a new beginning

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