“Oh My Gulay Artist Cafe in Baguio City”

Oh My Gulay is a vegetarian restaurant located in the 5th floor of La Azotea Building in Session Road, Baguio City. This is one of the most unique restaurants that I visited here in Baguio because of its rustic, artsy and serene ambiance.

My friends and I discovered this place back in our college days and we fell in love with the place instantly so we frequented the place since.

During my recent visit here, I was amazed that the owner was able to preserve the same atmosphere (if not better) after all these years.

We sat down and ordered our food but we completely forgot the name of the dishes that we ordered. (Oopps! 😛) But whatever I ordered comprised a red rice, tofu, omelette and some sauce while my cousin had an omelette with mushrooms.

A snap of what I ordered.
What my cousin ordered

The food was just okay (not what you expect from an established restaurant) and the serving was small. We also tried their Iced Mocha but I didn’t really like it since it tasted more than just a regular chocolate drink.

Me and my cousin at Oh My Gulay Restaurant

Over all, what we really loved about this restaurant is the ambiance but not the food. (The only same thing that I used to liked.) In my opinion, it is only a nice place to have a coffee and have some quite time with your friends or some quite time alone.

This restaurant is very picturesque because of its unique interior.

Koi fish pond

There is even a mini art gallery where they display some beautiful art works.

Me and my love for Art❤.
My cousin.❤

And since it is located at the penthouse of the La Azotea building, it’ll give you a nice view of the city.

And that’s how our Saturday went by. Thank you guys for joining us!

Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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