“Thrift Shopping Haul”

Happy Friday everyone! Hope everyone is having a good one!!

So, while other people are probably enjoying their friday night, I am here stuck at home alone enjoying my cup of coffee because it has been raining all day which made me so lazy to go somewhere else. To make my day productive, (on the blogging world at least 😛) I thought of sharing with you guys these items I bought during our recent thrift shopping escapade.

I asked my friend to accompany me to try thrift shopping or Ukay-ukay or Wag-wag (as we call it here in the City of Pines😁😊)  again since I haven’t experience it in a while. It was a fun and exciting day since we were able to find good clothes at a really really low price. So without further ado here’s what I shopped..

  1. Blazer jacket for P50.00 or $1.4 (CAD)

I really love this jacket because of the color and material.

  1. Over-sized Blouse for P40.00 or $1.09 (CAD)

I bought this because I wanted to make another off the shoulder blouse just like the previous DIY that I shared with you guys. Click here if you missed the tutorial.

  1. Simple blouse for P50.00 or $1.4 (CAD)

Back detail

Again, I loved the material and how flowy it fits.

  1. Jeggings for P50.00 or $1.4 (CAD)

Because I think I need another black jeggings 😁😜

  1. Sleeveless blouse for P10.00 or $0.23 (CAD)

I was surprised with the price so I bought it and plus it’s cute😛

  1. White shirt for P30.00 or $0.81 (CAD)

Hmm, yeah. I thought it’s cute.

  1. Black Jacket for P50.00 or $1.4 (CAD)

  1. Sleeveless Vest for P10.00 or $0.23 (CAD)

I love wearing long vest so I bought it and well it’s only ten pesos so why not!!

And the most exciting part is I only spent a total of P290.00 or $7.9 (CAD) for 8 items!! 😯😯 Great deals right!!😊

Thank you guys for reading! Till next time😊
Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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