The 2018 Life Audit

Bonjour 2018!

Wow! It’s been a while you guys! How have you been? I hope it’s still not too late for me to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as I did.

So yeah, I’ve been on a “blogging vacation” for over three weeks ( it does sounds like a long time for me!) mainly because life has been so busy for me since around October (working almost everyday plus keeping up with the blog) but I still did my best to be consistent on my blog posts trying to cross off every single blog ideas I have for the rest of 2017 yet eventually fatigue has finally caught up with me making it difficult to be creative so I know I had to rest physically and mentally in order for me to be able to share what I want to consider as “quality” articles that are worth reading because you guys deserve it!

I finally had the chance to have a full week off from work last week which I thought would give me time to start blogging again but I eventually decided to use that time to do some “adulting“…

“The 2018 Life Audit!”

I thought it’s the perfect timing to re-evaluate my life plans since it’s the beginning of a new year and it’s definitely one of the best time to start anew.

The experience was very enlightening to me and has absolutely helped to clear my mind and made me choose my priorities wisely in order for me to be able to hopefully achieve my life goals.

“What are my future plans?”


This has been one of my childhood dreams and since I still have the energy to work as many hours as I can, I thought it’s finally time for me to start saving for a house. I think it helps that I am still living home so yeah, I’ll take advantage of that and save.


I am such a big goal setter but I suck at implementing them so that’s one thing that I really want to start changing this year.


I think it’s my busy schedule (and all these freakin’ snow) that’s making me want to go for a vacation! LOL. But honestly, it’s been one of my dreams to travel to different cities and countries so again, that’s one thing I want to do more often this year.


Good or bad, I’ll take all of ’em and turn it into a lesson that will help me improve myself!


I know I always say this but it can sometimes be difficult to find happiness in this cruel world but I am sticking to my 2017 motto- to embrace positivity so life can be happier!

“What’s my 2018 mantra??!”

Simple. To take life one day at a time. I know it’s cliché but this thinking has been helping me a lot this past few days.

Now, for my blogging goals!

This is an exciting topic for me because I got the chance to brainstorm for upcoming blog posts. Of course, it would be about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, DIY’s and about life in general so make sure to tune in!

There will definitely be a lot of changes because I am a strong believer that change is always essential for growth! There will be new blog series and topics that I hope will interest everyone.

I’ve also been in constant communication with a few brands for collaborations and I’m very very excited to share these to all of you in the next coming days!

Also, I will be sharing with you all a new project that I’ve been planning and working on for the past few weeks so I hope you guys will join me in this new adventure! (Announcement is coming soon!!)

And I will be doing a makeup give away very very soon!! Yes! My very first giveaway as my way of saying thank you for your support!

So that’s all for now! I know it’s a long post but I just missed talking to you guys so please forgive me on this one and I hope you at least enjoyed reading!

I will talk to you soon and please, always be happy!

Much love,


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