“Product Review: Sephora’s Golden Hour Luminizing Powder”

Highlighters are becoming a regular part of my makeup routine for the past few months but being someone who is not fond of glittery products, I’m very picky when it comes to finding the right highlighter that’ll match my skin tone without too much glimmer. One of the newest addition in my small highlighter collection is Sephora’s Golden Hour Luminizing Powder in the shade High Noon which you’ve probably seen in my September 2017 Sephora Haul.

I actually picked up this product on a whim during one of my visists in my local Sephora last September without even swatching it but amongst the four available shades, High Noon is the one that appealed me more. It has a rose gold tone which for some reasons reminds me of summer.

The packaging is very simple with Sephora’s and the collection’s name neatly written at the middle of the container. The color of the container’s lid also mimics the color of the shade that your picking. The container is made up of a thick plastic and it does feel sturdy, I also like that this is very compact so I can easily pack it in my makeup bag or I can easily throw it inside my purse.

Since this is made up of powder, application is very easy. I basically just swipe my brush on the product and glide it at the temple of my cheeks, brows, nose, chin and my cupid’s bow. I love how it gives me a natural summery glow right in the middle of Autumn! This shade also matched my warm beige skin tone perfectly without too much glimmer which is exactly my preference. I also think that this is a perfect everyday highlight because it’s very light but buildable if you want a more intense finish. What appealed me more about this highlighter is that it looks very natural because the formula is not glittery and it doesn’t give you a blinding finish. This has a matte but glowy effect on the skin which is perfect for anyone who prefers a more natural highlight.

I even had a hard time swatching it because it is subtle but very much noticeable whenever it hits the light.

The only down side I noticed about this is that it tends to cling in my dry areas making it difficult to blend. My skin is usually in the oily side but with the colder temperature, I noticed some dry patches on my skin especially on my cheeks and my under eye so when I apply this at the temple of my cheek which is a bit dry at this time of the year, I noticed a small amount of product building up in some spots and it can be difficult to blend even if I’m not using a lot of the product.

Over all, this is a very decent highlighter and I honestly think that it’s underrated. It’s very affordable for only $20.00 CAD for 8g product, it gives you a natural summer glow which is not shiny, glittery and totally not blinding. The color selection is okay but it would be perfect if Sephora would soon add some shade selection that’ll match everyone’s preference. This also lasts for about six or seven hours before you find the need to reapply.

Have you tried this highlighter? What other Sephora products have you tried or would recommend?

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