“November 2017 TopBox Reveal + First Impressions”

Even before I received this month’s Topbox package, I have already chose to discontinue my subscription with them because I was just disappointed with most of the items I received last month. You may already know that I just subscribed with TopBox last month so this will be my second and final item from them. I’d rather spend my money to buy something that I actually like and would use than getting items I know would eventually go to the trash.

After opening this month’s box, it just sealed that I made the right decision to say adios to Topbox because again, I’m very disappointed. So let’s take a look with the items I received.

•Silicone Makeup Blender by Laritzy•

If there’s one makeup tool that I would never wanted to try, it’s this Silicone makeup blender! When I first saw this in the market, my brows immediately raised at its highest because it just didn’t make sense to me. I mean how is this going to blend my makeup? A good friend of mine actually bought this and I literally laugh at her, she even recommended it because apparently it’s the newest hype. After some time, I asked her how the silicone blender was working for her and voila! She didn’t like it because it DID NOT blend her foundation well. I also read and seen a lot of bad reviews about this blender so it’s really a big no for me so receiving it on a subscription box is a big bummer. I might give it a try just to see how it’s going to work for me but I don’t have high hopes on this one.
•Shaper Plus Hair Spray from Professional Sebastian•

I think I’ve already mentioned in my previous posts how I’ve been cutting off a lot of hair products in my routine including hair sprays because I’m trying to let my hair heal from all the chemicals I’ve been using over the years so receiving it on this month’s topbox is just a no no! This will either stay in my dresser to collect dust or it’s going straight to the recyle bin.
•Nail Polish from China Glaze•

I’m a big fan of nail polishes so this item is a consolation for the above items. The shade is perfect because I’ve been in a hunt for a nail polish on this color after decluttering my nail polish collection. China Glaze is also a really good brand so I’m happy to receive this item.
•Lasting Impression Mascara by Elizabeth Arden•

This is actually my favorite among all of these products for my November TopBox. I’ve never tried any makeup product from Elizabeth Arden so I’m really excited to try this out. I’m also impressed on the mascara wand, it’s very unique and I’m wondering if this is going to make a difference in terms of application.

Over all, I only see myself using two out of the four items from this box which is not so bad but the only thing is that these products didn’t excite me at all. I like the mascara but I’ve already received another mascara last month, why didn’t TopBox try to include a different product to make every month’s box unique and exciting? I wouldn’t want to receive the same product month after month. I prefer variety. Also, I don’t think they base the items that they send on the profile you created on their site instead they would just throw items in each boxes.

So this ends my subscription with TopBox! It’s just not for me, I know some people like it and I respect that.

What beauty subscription would you recommend?
Much love,


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8 thoughts on ““November 2017 TopBox Reveal + First Impressions”

  1. I’m not impressed with this month’s boxes at all. I haven’t received mine yet but they send the spoilers via email and that silicone sponge does not interest me at all! I actually cancelled my Topbox at the beginning of the month so I knew this would be my last month. I’m kind of glad we are getting such subpar boxes because that means I won’t miss it lol.

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      1. I know a lot of people like Boxycharm! It’s too much makeup for me though. It would take me years to get through it all if I dare subscribed lol I wish there were more options for Canadians! Sephora Play would be awesome.

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    1. I know. Topbox have been disappointing me so I had to unsubscribe. I’m actually enjoying Ipsy at the moment but it’s just my 2nd month of subscription so I guess it’s too really too early to tell and I’ve been reading other blogger’s posts being disappointed with their bags. I think in the long run, subscription boxes are really not going to be worth especially if they seem to just throw repetitive products each month. I’d rather buy something that I actually like. 😁

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