“My Favorite YouTubers”

I picked up most of my makeup tricks and “skills” and DIY ideas on YouTube and most of you probably can relate to that. I started watching beauty, fashion and DIY videos on YouTube around 2009 when most of the well-known youtubers now are still mostly unknown. I use to have a long list of beauty gurus that I watch daily but I became turned off to most of them when commercialization took place on most channels. I feel like most of what they’re preaching are becoming more and more unreal and insincere but it’s just a way for them to attract more partnership or collaboration for them to make more dollars so in the end, I just stopped watching beauty and fashion related videos on YouTube for a couple of years. For the past few months though, I found myself watching these type of videos again and I actually miss it!

For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with you all my favorite YouTubers who I thought are fun, informative and unique.


I accidentally stumbled on one of his YouTube videos and right at that moment I subscribe on his channel right away! He is very witty, fun and bold on his makeup tutorials and that’s what turned me on about him. He seems so real and down to earth and I’m really happy that he is finally living his dream right now because I seriously thought that he deserves all the recognition and say “fame” that he is receiving right now. He recently shared a sneak peak about his makeup collaboration with Mac on his Instagram account and although I’m not a Mac girl, I still can’t wait to get those babies on my hand! Also, I later found out that he is also a Filipino like me which made me look up to him even more because in total honesty, there’s not much Filipinos out there who is as famous as him in the Beauty Industry so kudos to you PatrickStarr!

Lisa Pullano

She is one of the very first Youtubers that I’ve ever watched and she is still one of my favorites. She hasn’t shared any video in a year but I’m still subscribed on her channel because I just love her DIY’s. She shared a lot of DIY beauty & skincare products, gift ideas and even home decors. I also lover her personality, she seems so sweet and real that’s why I like her so much. I follow her on her Instagram account and I guess she’s busy preparing for her wedding that’s why she’s unable to post new videos but I think she will be back soon as she mentioned in response to one of her followers who’s asking her why she doesn’t make YouTube videos anymore. I’m really hoping that she’ll soon start sharing videos again because I thought she has so much to offer.


Just like Lisa, bubzbeauty is also one of the very first YouTubers that I’ve ever watch because of her DIY skincare videos. I am still subscribed on her channel and still enjoy her videos up to now. She is now happily married and a proud mommy and she still make videos. She even started a vlog where she shares moments of her life with her family. I really admire how she stayed humble in spite of her success and in my opinion she is one of the very few sincere Youtubers that are left. She is still very sweet, lovable and her videos are fun and real.

Patricia Bright

Patricia is my recent favorite you guys and I just love her! She is funny, sweet and sincere so I instantly subscribed on her channel. The very first video I watch from her is the Wish Review and she had me laughing all throughout the video! She mostly share fashion hauls from online shopping websites and then she’ll share her honest opinions about the items mostly about the quality, price and so on. Her videos can guide you about certain online shopping websites, what to expect and not to expect but it’s her funny personality that really draws me to her.

So that’s the list of my favorite Youtubers! Who are your favorites?
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