“Autumn Sephora Anti-Haul”


I’ve seen so much posts like this and I actually enjoyed reading them. It’s interesting to know what products doesn’t really interest other Beauty Blogger’s out there. Since Sephora’s Rouge Sale is coming up in a few days (which I’m seriously super excited for since Sephora rarely do this in a year!) I thought it’s a good idea for me to share with you all my current Autumn Sephora Anti-Haul which definitely wouldn’t make it on my cart!

•Tom Ford’s Soleil Eye and Cheek Palette•

This is a limited edition palette by Tom Ford and to be honest, the packaging is just gorgeous which is always the case with most of Tom Ford’s products. However, for $186.00 CAD I seriously thought that this is way expensive for an eye and cheek palette considering that it only contains 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushes. There’s really nothing so special about the shades and I’m sure I may already have similar shades in one of my palettes that cost a fraction of this so this ia definitely a no for me!

•Fenty Beauty’s Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette•

This might be a surprise to some of you because Fenty Beauty have beeb getting so much love since it’s release. I was actually waiting for this palette to be available in Sephora when Riri shared a preview on her IG but I was disappointed when I finally saw it. The color doesn’t really suit me and they’re something that I wouldn’t wear in a daily basis. The pricing is decent but I’d rather buy something that I know I will use than this palette.

•Natasha Denona’s Eyeshadow Palette 28•

Ok, I get it! Most palettes from Natasha Denona are expectedly expensive but this palette is extreme! $305.00 CAD for a makeup??!! Really??!! It’s just a big no no for me. I don’t even bother reading the reviews because it’s too much. If you have the money to waste then definitely go ahead but this is not for me!

•Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette•

I love Kat Von D and I enjoy a few products from her but there’s something on this palette’s packaging that is not really speaking nice to me so it’s a no for me. Also, the shades on this palette doesn’t really interest me so yeah, No!

•Pat McGrath’s Labs Mothership I, II and III Eyeshadow Palette•

These are another extremely priced eyeshadow palettes that I cannot grasp! The picture above is the Mothership III Eyeshadow Palette- Subversive and I must admit, the packaging is amazing and it’s the same case for the Mothership I and II but I just don’t understand why it’s so over priced so it’s a No!

•La Mer’s Moisturizing Cream•

I’ve read so much good things about this moisturizer and I seriously want to try it out BUT for $230.00 CAD? No! Unless I win the lottery and I have a ton of money to spend on a moisturizer then why not! But in the real world, it’s just too much for me.

•Kat Von D’s Everlasting Obsession Lip Liner Collector’s Edition•

This set contains 15 different shades of lip liners for $270.00 and as you can see at the picture above, Sephora estimates this set has a $365.00 CAD value so you apparently are saving $95.00, worth it? Definitely not for me because first off all, I don’t see the need of owning a big collection of lip liners since I don’t personally use them a lot and I will definitely not spend almost $300.00 for a lip set.

•Sephora Collection’s Swarovaki Pro Airbrush•

Do I still need to say anything on this? Really?! Sephora! $350.00 for an effin makeup brush! And now it’s on sale for $250.00 and you expect people to finally buy it! This is just insane! I love Swarovski crystals but not on a freakin’ makeup brush!! This is seriously crazy! (in my opinion of course!)

And that’s my Autumn Sephora Anti Haul. Most products turned me off because of their prices because as much as I love makeup, I still wouldn’t want to spend unreasonable amount for a product.

What’s on your Sephora Anti-Haul?

Much love,

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  • Britney
    November 8, 2017 at 6:17 AM

    I really want that Galaxy eyeshadow palette! I know you said the colors aren’t really your thing, but I think they would really go well with my skin tone. I like to wear colors like that. However, the price is going to cause me to pass on it.

  • quinncove
    November 8, 2017 at 12:57 PM

    Love this! ❤️

  • emzynelson
    December 22, 2017 at 4:53 AM

    Great post, super helpful 🙂

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