“What’s New in My Closet: October 2017”

This is such a long overdue post that I’ve been wanting to share for a bit while now but didn’t really get the chance to do so and that’ll explain why I included some say, Summer Clothes in this post. Anyways, I won’t go in to a lengthy intro so let’s just go straight ahead to the exciting part!

What’s New in my Closet?

First up is this velvety jacket in rose pink. I snag it during the late summer and it was on 40% off at Urban Behavior. I really liked the color and material of this jacket plus it’s perfect for Fall.


Another rose pink long coat which again is perfect for Fall. It’s just so girly and I see myself wearing this to work. The material is so soft and very lightweight.


This is long Cardigan is one of my current favorites for this season because it keeps me warm. The material is obviously cotton which is just so comfy and warm.


I’ve been obsessing with bodysuits as well because they just add a subtle glam in every outfit.

This one in lilac is my fave because it has a thicker material plus the neckline design is just a bomb!


This next one has a velvety material which is just so soft. It actually is a light rose pink but it came out darker in the picture.

Next is a peach body suit. I honestly haven’t worn this because I made a mistake of buying it in a smaller size but was just so lazy to go back at the store to return or even exchange it.

Another velvety material. I wear camisole all throughout the year so yeah, another pair won’t hurt I guess.


I mentioned so many times how I love off shoulder tops so these two babies right here are a welcome addition in my humble collection.

Just look at this really nice floral embroidery you guys!

Cardigans are my staple and yes! I wear them every season including Summer so I love collecting these babies.


Next up are skirts, nothing really special but I love ’em.


This blue dress was one of my purchases during the gray days of Summer but I wasn’t able to use it yet, may be next Summer who knows!


Lastly are these pair of shoes. I developed a late obsession on flat shoes which is strange because I usually prefer heels but I guess I’m going more for comfort now a days.

I’ve been abusing this black ankle boots since I got ’em last week because it’s just so comfy and oh so easy to pair with absolutely anything.

I snag this Nike sneakers at their outlet store. I’ve been wanting to purchase another white sneakers so this is just prefect.

Oh wow! I didn’t expect this post to be this long but it turned out to be one. It actually takes a lot of work too!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Much love,


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