“October 2017 Topbox Reveal + First Impressions”

After receiving my October 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag which really impressed me, I am extremely excited to receive my Topbox goodies in the mail. Just like Ipsy, this is my very first month of subscription from Topbox. It’s a Canadian Company that offer beauty subscription boxes for only $12.00 CAD, the “box” contains four products and you have the option of choosing the Regular Box (basically the company’s own hand picked product based on your profile) or the Prive Topbox (which contains samples from just one brand of your choosing). For my first box, I choose the regular box because first, I love surprises and second, I personally believe that being surprised with the products you get is the very essence of these subscription boxes which of course could be a good or bad thing.

Anyways, I received an email from Topbox on the 15th (Sunday) that my box has been sent so I was expecting to receive it by Tuesday or Wednesday but the delivery came pretty early on Monday the 16th which is very impressive. They’re located in Toronto and I’m in Montreal but still I wasn’t expecting to receive it the VERY next day.

The box was wrapped in a purple bubble envelope which is cute but it surprised me because it’s exactly the same packaging as Ipsy but just different color.

The goodies are inside this cute circle container made with (I guess) thick paper which is reusable, another plus.

Now, the goodies! This is where I was a bit disappointed because I really feel like these products DOES NOT REALLY fit the profile I created with them plus most of the product’s sizez are much smaller than I was expecting (basing on their website description and reviews I’ve read online).

First, I got the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer (Click < HERE > to read my Review) which I really love as I’ve mentioned on my previous review but I’m disappointed on how small the tube was. This is exactly the same FREE sample you get from Sephora!

Another disappointing goodie is the Plush Up Lip Gelato from Elizabeth Arden. I got to try four shades but the amount of product from each shade is just enough to cover my lower lip and also, I don’t really wear these shades. This would probably just sit in my drawer to collect dust or would probably just go straight to the trash. I dunno!

The one product that really consoled me is this mascara from Eyeko, a brand I’ve never heard off but it’s always fund to try new brands. I initially thought that this is a lip product because it’s on a tube so I was surprise to know that it’s actually a mascara. It’s my very first mascara on a tube and I’m excited to discover if there would be a difference.

The last item is a toner from Skin & CO another brand that’s foreign to me but I’m in a need of a toner right now so this would do. I also like that this does not contain Alcohol because that’s my requirement for a good toner. Thankfully, this came with a really decent size and a cute bottle!

Surprisingly, Topbox also included a complimentary product which is a hair lotion from Wella. I’m currently craving for good hairstyling products after cutting off my hair so I’ll definitely give this a try.

Over all, I’ll rate this box a 3 out of 5 stars and I’m still gonna give it a try for next month. I love that the delivery is fast but I’m not quite impress with 2 out of the 4 products I receive. I also like that they also give complimentary product (I’m not sure if they do this each month) and that the container they use is reusable.

So that’s my October 2017 Topbox goodies! I hope you enjoyed this post.

Much love,

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