“Five Must Have Coats for Autumn”

Coats are my second fashion favorites during the Autumn season. It does not only keep me warm but I thought they’re also very chic and trendy. Wearing the right coats can seriously transform a really simple outfit to a more sophisticated look. But with the wide variety of coats in the market, how do we choose the right ones to buy or keep?

As for me, I prefer coats that are cozy, stylish and well- warm because I happen to live in one of the coldest cities of this planet. For today’s post, I’ll be sharing with y’all my own hand picked coats for this season and let’s go right ahead shall we?

•The Wool Coat•

This for me is a basic Autumn must have! It’s very trendy and easy to pair with any type of outfit. It’s perfect for early fall if you’re located in a cold city like me.

•The Long Trench Coat•

Another coat perfect during the early stages of Fall and my personal favorite. It’s timeless and can be worn for a day or even for a night outfit.

•The Pea Coat•

Another timeless piece perfect for an everyday look. I personally wear this kind of coat to finish off a casual attire.

•The Leather Coat•

Who doesn’t love leather? Seriously! Be it faux or the real deal it basically adds glam in every kind of outfit. I’ve also seen coats (like the 2nd picture) in which they incorporate leather with other materials for a more trendy look.

•The Plaid Coat•

Wool is a really warm material so I would prefer to wear these kind of coats during the fall-winter transition period to keep me warm. They’re also very stylish which is just an added bonus.

Do you agree with this list? What are your favorite types of coat for Autumn?

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