“Product Review: Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation”

Fenty Beauty has been making a loud noise in the beauty industry since its launch on September 8. This beauty line was founded by the famous singer Rihanna. What made this line so interesting to me is how she was able to produce 40 different shades to cater all women of all skin tones! Although I don’t always have trouble finding my right shade on foundations, I thought it’s such a good news for ladies who had this problem before.

You’ve seen this in my September 2017 Sephora Haul but I was only able to share a review now because I want to use it quite some time so I can share an honest review to all of you.

The foundation came in a clear bottle where you can clearly see the product inside. I like that it came with a pump which made it so easy to take the product out. The packaging is simple yet chic with the Fenty Beauty logo neatly placed in front of the bottle.

What I initially noticed is how “liquidy” the foundation is which made it super easy to apply on the skin evenly. This light consistency also helped to spread out just one or two pumps of the foundation on my entire face so rest assured that the bottle will last for a while. It is also very easy to blend as if my skin is absorbing the foundation during the application.

The coverage is medium but is buildable without making me look overdone or cakey. It basically just act as a second layer of my skin giving me a natural look. It’s very light and you won’t even feel like you’re wearing any foundation at all!

Another good thing about this foundation is that it gives you a matte finish without making your skin looks dry. In fact, it will just give you a natural look. I’d say it’s perfect for a natural makeup look.

The longevity is very decent. I didn’t find the need to touch up even after my eight hours work shift which is perfect because truth be told, reapplying my foundation is the least of my concern in a usually busy day at work. I also find the product description “sweatproof” to be so accurate because during those last days of summer when it became so humid, my skin still looked flawless and it didn’t break apart where I sweat.

The only down side is that this foundation does oxidize so it’s always safer to get a lighter shade for you to get your real shade but this is nothing major.

After almost three weeks of using this foundation, I didn’t notice any breakout which made me love this more because my skin is very acne prone and sensitive.

Over all, this foundation is such a game changer. It works really well, it has a wide shade selection, gives enough coverage and is just looks natural! I love love this foundation you guys! For it’s price of $42.00 CAD it’s also much affordable compared to many high end foundation so it’s such a nice deal!

Have you tried this foundation yet? What are your thoughts about it?

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