“Product Review: Smashbox Try it Kit Primer Authority”

Whilst in the drugstore a few weeks ago in search for a hairspray (oh yes! I was intentionally in the wrong aisle. LOL), I saw this lil’ box of goodies in the Smashbox section which automatically grabbed my attention. Although I am not one who would always wear primers (I know! I know!) on a daily basis, I still decided to grab this item since I thought it’s really a nice product to try and plus it’s a really good deal- you basically have four products for the price of one.

The kit contained an under eye primer, eyeshadow primer, foundation primer and a primer water. They’re all travel sizes which make sense since this is just a “Try it kit” yet again it still a really good steal since you’re able to try different kind of primers.

•Photo Finish Primer Water

This can be used as a primer or a setting spray but this is probably my least favorite among the four since I didn’t see any big difference between my DIY Setting Spray and this water primer. Don’t get me wrong though because this really works on helping to make your makeup last without ruining it and it didn’t make my face shiny but I don’t see the need of purchasing the full size when I can make my own setting spray with the same exact effect.

•Photo Finish Foundation Primer

I initially did not like this primer when I first used it since it has a slimy texture which made me a bit uneasy on putting it on my face but I ended up loving it after using it for the second time. It helped to minimize my pores and also made my skin smooth in preparation for makeup application. It did a good job on making my makeup last and helped to maintain a fresh look all throughout the day. A little goes so much for this primer as well so it’ll last you a while.


•24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer

I am so in love with this baby! This is my favorite among the four because this is really effective on making my eyeshadow last all day and it helped to avoid any creases regardless of what kind eyeshadow I use. It actually also helped to make my eyeliner in place without smudging. The texture is very silky and feels so light, it did not affect the color or quality of my eyeshadow nor did it make it clump. It’s also a bonus that you don’t need to apply so much of the product! I would definitely purchase the regular size.


•Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer

To be quite honest, I am not really impressed with this product. First off, this came as the smallest tube in the kit plus I didn’t see any apparent result when I used this. It did however helped to make concelear application rather smoothly but that’s all about it. I think this could be perfect if you have dark under eye or under eye lines but if you don’t really have any of those issues, this won’t be necessary.


Overall, I fell in love with the foundation and eyeshadow primer because of the good results I saw. I am considering on buying the full size once I finish both products because it really made a difference on my makeup application.

Have you tried any of these primers? Would you recommend it?





Much love,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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