“Coffee Break: A Mother’s Love”

Coffee Break

This post is inspired by a video that I stumbled upon on YouTube one afternoon which touched my heart and made me cry. Although I am not a big fan of sad and drama shows or movies, it is still a breath of fresh air for me to sometimes watch these kind of videos after indulging myself on my favorite crime investigation shows like Dateline, FBI Files and Homicide Hunter to name a few.

This particular video entails the story of a mother who was abandoned by her son in the street. The characters are speaking in Arabic (if I am not mistaken) but an English subtitle is available for those who doesn’t understand the language. The story started out one one morning with a man stepping out of his balcony while holding a cup of coffee, while looking out on the street he curiously watched a man walked an old lady on a bench just across the street. The scene then showed the second man (son) sitting the old lady in the bench while telling her that he needs to do some work and so she needs to wait for him to come back. He also handed her a piece of paper and gave her the instruction that if ever he would be late, she can just give the paper to anyone who’s gonna help her. The mother asked the son if he’s going to be late but the son said no and then left. The man in the balcony proceed to go to work but is still curious about the old lady, he seems to be running late so he just decided to leave but gave the old lady a last glance. When he returned home after a few hours, he saw the same old lady sitting on the bench and so he decided to sit with the old lady and told her that he had seen her there in the same spot since the morning and asked if she has any problem. The old lady said no and that she’s only waiting for her son to pick her up. The old lady continued talking and shared to the man that the only reason why she went in the city for the first time is because she wanted to visit her grandchild and her daughter in law that she never get the chance to meet. She also shared a picture of her grandson’s picture and a gift that she got for her daughter in law to the man who seems to be appreciative with this woman’s effort to visit her son and his family. Since the man needs to leave soon, he asked the old lady if she has the son’s phone number so he can call him. The old lady told him about the paper that her son gave her but she was hesitant since she does not want to disturb her son. The man said it’s okay and proceed to open the note. After reading the note, the smile on the man’s face disappeared while a man’s voice over said that “Who ever finds this old lady, please take her to the nearest elderly house”. The video then ended when the man looked sadly to the old lady who seems to have an idea of what was written on the note because she began to cry and the pain was all over her face.

Needless to say, the story is very heartbreaking. Although I have no clue if this video is based on a true story or a part of a drama series, it is still a heart wrenching story which sadly happens in reality and I believe most of us are guilty about it in some little ways. I am not saying that we would all choose to abandon our mothers in the street like the man did in the video because I personally will never do that to my mom yet we must all admit that at times, when we are so caught up with our own lives and busy schedules, we tend to neglect or forget to spend time to our mothers.

I want to believe that the focus of the story is about how pure a mother’s love is since the old lady seems to know about the son’s decisions but she still didn’t want to believe it and chose to trust her son. Isn’t it our mothers are like that? They know what’s running in our minds and even when we’re wrong, they will always gave us chances to choose what is right because they believe the good in us. Everyone else can judge you but your mother will always be the first on the line to defend and will believe in you.

A mother’s love is one of the pure’s things in this world because they are willing to give up everything that they have for their children without expecting anything in return. They are the real superheroes of this world because they can literally wipe off every kind of pain that their children are suffering. And their love will never fade regardless if we are young or old, we will always be their child and time can never erase that. We may unknowingly put them last on our lives, they will still choose to understand our reasons but deep in their hearts all they wanted is for us to spend even just a second to ask them how their day went.

I want to end this by saying that we all need to always appreciate our mothers amidst our busy lives. Isn’t it that when we were younger, she would juggle working and taking care of her family even though she’s already tired? Why can’t we do it as well? Don’t they deserve it? Although we will soon have our own family or some of you might already have a family on your own but we need to always find time to visit or call our mothers because it’s one of the little ways that we can do to repay all the sacrifices that they’ve done for us. Always remember that you will never be the person that you are today without her- her love, her teachings, her sacrifices and all of her hard work. Be thankful and be appreciative of her! Treat her for a day in the spa or for a simple dinner. After all, mothers are not so hard to please, they will appreciate every kind of act that you would do to make them happy. Most of all, love them even when they’re old. Be there for them! Be their cane when they can no longer walk, be their voice when they can no longer speak, be their ears when they can no longer hear. Never forget that once in your life, you depended so much on them and they unselfishly offered every help that they can because that’s how a mother’s love is- pure and everlasting.

To watch the full video, you can click here.

Much love,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated to the owner of the video. All credits and rights goes to the owner of the video.
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  • Ginny @ Mytimestitching .com
    August 22, 2017 at 4:41 PM

    What a lovely story. I do need to spend more quality time with my Mom. It is true that life gets in the way, but taking the time is important. Yesterday I brought my Mom to my house so that she could see the eclipse with me. Today I took her grocery shopping. And we talked and shared, and those are the best times <3

    • thatgirlArlene
      August 22, 2017 at 7:57 PM

      That’s so sweet of you Ginny. Sometimes it’s the little things that counts as they say, I am sure your mom appreciates all your effort to be with her. Cheers to the both of you!

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