“My Dream Vanity Room”

Hey everyone! For today’s post I would like to share with you all my dream vanity room! I am sure that all of the ladies out there have a vision of their dream vanity and it’s always one of the most exciting topics to talk about right?!

I’ve been wanting to share this post for a while now but didn’t really have the chance to do so finally a few days ago, Molly from Arhaus approached me to check out their company and to share this kind of post. Before anything else, this is not a sponsored post, I honestly found a few pieces from Arhaus that would help build my dream vanity and so I will be using a few pictures from their site. (I’ll indicate the pictures that I found in their website)

As for me, I want my vanity and my closet to be in one room and I’ll probably call it my beauty room! I want it to be spacious so I can adorn it with different furnitures and unique decors.

Photo grabbed from Pinterest
The color of my theme would be white since I believe thid adds elegance on the whole space.

Photo grabbed from Pinterest
I would also prefer it to be carpeted from wall to wall. I found this shag rag from Arhaus’ website that mimics the perfect carpet for my dream make up room.

Picked from Arhaus
And of course! the vanity table would be the highlight so I would like my table to look like this:

Photo grabbed from Pinterest
I would prefer a comfy chair as well because well, I just have to! So I found this elegant chair on Arhaus’ website, unfortunately they don’t have one in white but this would be a perfect picture of the chair that I would prefer.

Picked from Arhaus
Now, I will adorn this chair with these faux fur blanket like so.

Picked from Arhaus
I would also prefer to use book cases like this one from Ikea as a make up storage because it’s open which makes every make up item visible.

Photo grabbed from Ikea.ca

Photo grabbed from Pinterest
Just to add glam, I need to have a chandelier installed in my beauty room. The chandelier should be simple but elegant just like this one from Arhaus.

Picked from Arhaus
I would also use white vases or containers to display my make up brushes.

Picked from Arhaus
And of course! to complete my make up room, I would need to have all my favorite make up from all of my favorite brands!

Photo grabbed from Pinterest

Photo grabbed from Pinterest
And so that’s my dream make up room! Hope you enjoyed this post!

What’s your dream vanity/make-up room?

Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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