“First Year Blog Anniversary”

Time indeed flies so fast! Yesterday, I received a notification from WordPress that it has been a year since I started this blog. Yey!!

I started writing when I was on high school- writing poetry and essays. It became my way of expressing my thoughts, emotions and feelings.

At that time, I never thought of sharing my works with anyone! The thought of it embarrass me even! So I just kept my works on a notebook and never showed it to anyone.

Eventually though, I shared some of my works with my closest friends. So when we were in college they encouraged me to join a writing contest organized by our School’s paper. I was really excited but scared as well. What if I lose? What if I get rejected? What if they won’t like my works? And so I just laugh their suggestion out but they became persistent, even pointing out the posters to me everytime we pass by on the hallway. (To make it worse, the posters are everywhere!). 

My friends were persistent on encouraging me to join. Pointing out that it’s not about winning but it’s about trying. Eventually I gave in and joined the contest. I waited for the result but didn’t really expect anything.

News flash, my poems were disqualified because I unintentionally use a different ink color when I printed my works. The result made me upset and sad. This experience discouraged me even more and I promised myself that I won’t ever ever show my works to anyone anymore!

I never stopped writing though and I eventually have the hunger of sharing my poems to the world. The best way of doing that I thought would be blogging. I did a little bit of research about it but never really pushed it through. I succumbed with fear, what if people would laugh at me? at my works? and so eventually I gave up on writing or so I thought.

A personal experience changed everything though last year. I was going through a depression and I felt that I was all alone in this world. I hated life at that moment and wished for everything to just end. That state of feeling was disgusting! and I wouldn’t wish it to anyone at all. So when I was finally coping, I decided to push through on starting a blog to hopefully encourage people who are going through the same situation as I did.

Finally, I joined WordPress, published my very first article A Fresh Start! and so thatgirlarlene.wordpress.com was born. This first year hasn’t been easy and I am still learning a lot about the art of blogging.

With all of these being said, I am looking forward for many more years of blogging and hopefully through this blog I was or is able to accomplish the very reasons why I started blogging- to encourage happiness, to encourage persistence in order to achieve goals, to do what we love, to wander and learn and to simply love life.

Of course I want to thank all my followers in this blog for accompanying me on this ride.

And again, thank you to everyone who read my articles this past year😊.

Again, Thank you everyone!

Here’s a good laugh for everyone! ❤😁😛 Join me for many more years of reading, writing, wandering and simply living.😊

Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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Hello! Welcome to thatgirlArlene! I created this blog to share my love for fashion, beauty, style, travel and literature. My goal is to encourage everyone to pursue and embrace the things that you're passionate about, to chase your dreams and to simply love life. ThatgirlArlene is my own penned fairy tale about this adventure called life.

12 thoughts on ““First Year Blog Anniversary”

  1. Congratulations on your First Blog Anniversary! 🙂
    I’ve found the WP community to be very supportive. Many people I follow are shy, but have found friends here. All the Best for the years to come. 🙂


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