“DIY: Off the Shoulder Blouse”

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I last shared a DIY and an outfit idea post for you guys and so I thought why not incorporate both in just one post? So I’ve come up with this DIY off the shoulder top which I know we all girls love, plus hey! it’s summer and it’s the right time to wear one right now.

I am using a men’s blouse that I thrifted for this tutorial. I will recommend for you girls to use one like this from your dad’s, brother’s or partner’s closet. (Use one that they don’t wear anymore!!😁)

Let’s begin…

What you need:

•Sewing Machine or a regular needle.

•Men’s Blouse

•Taylor’s Chalk or pencil




•Elastic Band (size: depends on your choice)

•Tape Measure


Here’s the steps:


Lay your blouse on a flat surface and determine where you want to cut. As for me, I decided to cut the blouse just above the pocket but I left 5cm allowance for me to sew the elastic.


Draw a line on your measurement to avoid an uneven cut.


Cut the shirt. Make sure to make it as even as possible.


Using your pins, fold the allowance in place.


Now, sew your blouse. Again, do your best to make it even so it’ll look nice when you wear it. Also, leave at least 5cm space for you to insert the elastic.


Using your elastic band, measure a comfortable fit around your shoulders.


Using a stick or pencil or chopsticks, insert the elastic. (Make sure to hold the other end to avoid it from slipping inside the blouse.) Sew the elastic together after inserting and then sew the space that you left earlier to close it.

And you are done!! Here’s a few pictures of me wearing the blouse I made.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! It is very easy to make and it’s just in time for summer.

Have a good one ladies!

Much love❤,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli

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17 thoughts on ““DIY: Off the Shoulder Blouse”

  1. So glad you took the time to do this right with fitting and edge finishes. I’ve seen so many tutorials for supposedly similar shirt conversions that just have you cutting into shirts or even just basically wearing them wrong! It’s worth it to do it right, yours looks like you paid for it like that.

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    1. Hi there! To be honest, this tutorial is a result of a few trial and error. I’ve seen a lot of similar DIY’s but the steps are somewhat incomplete or not detailed making the end result very unwearable. Thanks for appreciating and noticing that though! Have a good one.


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