“Mount Costa: Baguio City & La Trinidad’s newest tourist destination”

Located at the Northern part of the Philippines, Baguio City is home to beautiful and picturesque landscapes. Tourists from different parts of the world are becoming more and more drawn to visit the city’s attractions especially its parks and gardens. Amongst the most common parks in the city are Burnham Park, Camp Johnhay and Minesview Park.

But imagine a place full of different flowers, beautiful sceneries, calm, relaxing, serene and far from all the hustle and bustle and noise of the city! That would be a haven to all those nature lovers (or if you just want to escape the crowd) right?

Well, we don’t have to imagine this kind of place anymore because it has finally arrived here in Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet.

We can simply call place as:

Mount Costa.

Recently opened to the public last February 4 of 2017 Mount Costa is located in Upper Lamtang, Puguis La Trinidad, Benguet– Mount Costa is still very accessible if you are coming from Baguio City. (You can just take a taxi or a jeepney going to Long-long to reach here. Note: If you are going by jeepney you have to take another short jeepney ride from the turning point, just ask the drivers or residents and they’ll tell you which jeepney to take.)

Now, what is so unique about Mount Costa compared to other parks/destinations in Baguio and La Trinidad?

Well, it is home to 24 unique, beautiful and carefully designed gardens. Yes! 24 gardens in just one place. The experience is like going to 24 little parks all at the same time.

Why visit Mount Costa?

Because it is more than just a park, it is a place where you can truly be one with nature considering that is far from all the crowd and noise. It is a very nice place to visit with friends and family as you all take a little hike to discover all the different gardens.

It has a playground for children.

It has beautiful sceneries.

A foggy day at Mount Costa

It has a cozy ambiance.

It has beautiful flowers.

What do I like about Mount Costa?

EVERYTHING about it! ? Although some gardens/attractions are still under construction, (they opened barely a month ago.) I was still impressed with everything I have seen and experineced. The place was really maintained and in order. It was quite (a very good place to write or read) and every gardens they have inside are unique from one another. The walkways are also nicely made so it’s really not a difficult hike (don’t worry you non-nature lovers! lol!). The place was just beautiful and peaceful. I can even say that it’s the best place to do some soul-searching because of the total ambiance. Another thing that really impressed me was the attitude of their staff. They are very nice, proffesional and friendly and even engaged in small talk. One (I’m guessing he is actually the owner or one of the owners of the place) even sat with me and shared a brief history of the place. (Apparently, the place used to be a strawberry farm)

Would I go back?

Definitely! As I said earlier, a few gardens/attractions are still under construction and also the flowers were just planted last month (according to the reception guy that I spoke with) so it would really be interesting to visit once everything is finished and all the flowers are in full bloom. I’m guessing it would be a really beautiful view. And also, I am looking forward for a really nice cafe soon. I mean the view and everything else are perfect so a nice cafe would really be a wise addition.

All in all, I had a really great time at Mount Costa. If you are planning to visit the Philippines and/or Baguio City I would strongly suggest for you to visit this unique place. For more details on their rates, address and history, please visit their Facebook Page by clicking here or you can also visit their website at www.mountcosta.com .

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