“A glimpse at the Museo Kordilyera”

Baguio City is not only rich with beautiful sceneries and landscapes. It is also a city rich of culture and art. This is very much apparent to a few top tourist destinations such as the BenCab Museum, Tam-awan Village and Ililikha Artist Village to name a few. In fact, many restaurants and cafes adorn their establishments with unique artifacts made by our local artists.
And now, a new museum recently opened its doors-Museo Kordilyera. This museum is considered to be the very first ethnographic museum in the city and is located inside the UP-BAGUIO Campus.

Its mission is : “To cultivate an understanding of and respect for the identity and culture of the indigenous peoples of the Cordillera and Northern Luzon as an integral part of the evolving Filipino culture”. (Source: Museo Kordilyera-UP Baguio Ethnographic Museum Facebook Page )

While browsing my Facebook account yesterday, I came across this post about a newly opened museum in the city of Pines (this post made me so giddy mind you! LOL). Being a self-proclaimed Cordilleran art lover I decided to check it out today.

The interior of the museum is neatly painted with white which helped to enhance the beauty of the artifacts and photos displayed inside.

My favorite section was the “BATOK TATTOOS: Body As Archive” exhibit.

This section showcases the different style, meaning, history, significance and difference of tattoing in different provinces of the Cordillera.

There’s also a small section wherein a video is being played about the process of “batok” (An ancient way of tattoing).

The famous Apo Wang-ud who is considered to be the last “mambabatok”

Another exhibit are these pictures by Mr. Roland Rabang.

Below are a few more beautiful displays inside the museum.

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM. An entrance fee of 40.00 pesos is required for every adult (non-student, visit their facebook page to check all rates and to check more interesting pictures by clicking here ) Also according to the help desk personnel I spoke with, they currently have a promotion on the entrance fees this month since it is the “Art Month“.

Over all I was really impressed with this little tour and hope you all guys enjoyed it as well.

To everyone located in Baguio or to anyone planning to visit Baguio this Panagbenga Season, I would suggest for you guys to include Museo Kordilyera in your itinerary.

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