“It’s Skin: Power 10 Formula Serum”

Facial serum is probably one of the products that can really improve the condition of our skin. So when I first heard about this product and all its benefits, I was encourage to finally include it on my skin care routine. During my hunt for the best brand to try I was surprised with the hefty price that came with this particular product. A small bottle usually costs $50 or more so I thought I’ll have a pass on this. However, during my recent visit at a Korean Cosmetic store in downtown Montreal called C&C Cosmetics, I stumbled upon this brand called IT’S SKIN. This brand has a few more products on the store but my eyes were glued on the bottles of the facial serums all lined up in one corner. It’s Skin carries 13 different kinds of serums all pitching unique benefits to the skin and to top it all, each bottle only costs approximately $15 each. I picked up the CO EFFECTOR (benefit: skin hydration) and WR EFFECTOR (benefit: anti-aging) since the benefits fits what my skin really needs right now. T

Since I haven’t tried nor heard any products of this brand, I was a little bit hesitant that this serum would be effective considering also that the price is way lesser than any of the other facial serums in the market. I honestly wasn’t expecting a top of the end result but was curious about this brand. And after a few weeks of using these serums, (I use the WR at night and the CO in the morning) I was seriously surprised with the outcome. I noticed that my skin is more smooth and hydrated as before. Before I started using this product, my skin was peeling off because of a new cleanser that I was using but just a day after I first use these serums I noticed  that the peeling stopped. My skin looks healthier as well since it is well hydrated. Over all, IT’S SKIN serum is now a must have on my skin care products since I was really impressed with the results I got. I am excited to try more of their products. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a really good serum at atn affordable price.
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