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“Musings & Thoughts: Trust Quotes”

Musings & Thoughts

Hey everyone! How’s Fall treating you so far? For us, fall weather has barely arrived here in Montreal. It’s been so humid these past few days but I try my best not to complain since this might be our…

“Coffee Break: A Mother’s Love”

Coffee Break

This post is inspired by a video that I stumbled upon on YouTube one afternoon which touched my heart and made me cry. Although I am not a big fan of sad and drama shows or movies, it is…

“Musings & Thoughts: Life Quotes”

Musings & Thoughts

When I last shared a post about my own written quotes, I told you guys that I’ll be renaming the series name and so finally I’ve decided to call it “Musings & Thoughts”. And yes, it might not be…

“Coffee Break: The Power of Makeup”

Coffee Break

My love for makeup stems down from since I was a little girl. My mama would always share a story of me sitting down in front of a mirror while putting on baby powder on my face when I…

“Bloggers Q & A Tag”

Awards, Writings

I was nominated by ideagirlblog13  on this tag a few days ago and so I decided to finally do it today! First of thank you to inkgirlandworks for creating this tag! Here are the Rules: •Answer the questions down below •Credit the…