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My Winter Lip Savers

As annoying as it may sound, chapped lips can sometimes be unevitable during the Winter season because of the harsh cold weather. I personally dislike having a dry or chapped lips so having a simple yet effective lip care routine is definitely a must for me this season. Using the right tools is also essential so I tend to look for products that are gentle yet can manage to offer great hydration. For the past few months, I was able to find the right set of products that absolutely saved me from having dry lips at this time of the year.

*NYX #thisiseverything Lip Loving Balm*

Apart from having the cutest packaging ever, I love how light, soft and hydrating this feels to the lips.

*NYX #thisiseverything Lip Oil*

This is probably my favorite among all of these products because it is the one that gave me the best hydration. This is supposed to be an oil but it did not feel greasy or heavy on the lips.

*Sugar Advanced Theraphy Lip Treatment by Fresh*

I was initially hesitant to purchase this because I honestly thought it’s a bit over priced for its purpose but the hydration that it offered justified the price. The smell is also amazing since it seems to give me a calming effect without altering my taste buds.

*Josie Maran’s Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter*

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you might be probably aware how Josie Maran’s products took my heart so an argan oil infused lip butter did sound enticing to me. I mainly use this in the morning to kind of prepare my lips before heading out of the door and I love it! It feels creamy and soft to the lips and helped prepared my lips for lipstick application.

*Tarte’s Pout Prep Lip Exfoliant*

This is the most gentle lip exfoliant I have ever tried in my life! The product looks very fine and clean but you can immediately feel the tiny particles softly scrubbing your lips. It helped to remove any signs of dry skin and helped to relieve any dryness on my lip area.

What are your Winter Lip Savers?



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