IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream

Makeup products that claims to cover up redness always entice me since this is one of my skin’s major issues. One of my recent discoveries is the Bye Bye Redness Correcting Cream by IT Cosmetics. This is suppose to completely cover your skin’s redness whilst offering a full coverage making it a dual use product which initially sounded justifiable for a $42.00 CAD bottle of 0.37 oz amount of product.

My excitement to use this cream died down immediately after opening the bottle and was really disappointed to see that the product merely covered half of the bottle. Although I can’t really say if the bottle contains 0.37 oz, I find the amount of product very unreasonable for its price. I feel like most of the cost went to the actual packaging instead of the product itself.

For the cream, I find it creamy and thick which in turn did an outstanding job on covering my red areas. A little goes a long way so I basically use a tiny bit of product to cover my affected areas (portion of my cheek and chin) which means that the bottle could probably last me a few months. It also blended well with my foundation and did not create any creases or lines even some of those areas are a bit dry which I find impressive. Although the product is thick, it feels and looks absolutely light on the skin making it very workable. The finish is also amazing since it does not give you a chalky or powdery look even if you use it as a spot treatment for any existing acne but it will not hide the bumps.

The longevity is another disappointment for me since this doesn’t seem to last a while. I’d say the coverage usually lasts for about 3 or 4 hours maximum before those redness starts popping out on my face. I also find that the product is easily rubbed off even after setting it with a powder which can be a big bummer during the Winter season since I tend to wear a lot of thicker scarves which can immediately erase the product on my face.

Over all, I was not entirely impressed with this correcting cream and will definitely not repourchase after finishing this bottle. One, there is only one shade available which makes it very limited. I might not be able to use this during the Summer time when my skin tends to get a bit darker. The coverage is impressive but is something that I can achieve from a regular concealer like the Kat Von D Lock It Concealer. The most disappointing however is the amount of product that you get for $42.00, it’s just not fair!

Have you tried this correcting cream yet? What are your thoughts about it?



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