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I’ve first talked about this set in my October 2017 Sephora Haul but I’m only doing a review now because I really wanted to see how this set works after a few uses before sharing my thoughts about it. Also, I like to take my time on using products before I share a review because I really feel that this would allow me to share a more honest opinion. So without further ado let’s talk about my thoughts about the OLEHENRIKSEN InstaBright Power Set.

Firstly, this set includes the Power Bright 3 Step Professional Brightening System, Complexion Sponge and the Truth Serum. When I purchased this set at Sephora’s website, it was on a special price of $12.00 CAD (reg: $19.00 CAD) so this was definitely a steal. Sadly, it’s no longer available in Sephora but the individual products are still available so you can still purchase them individually.

This set prompts you to follow a step by step procedure to complete the whole spa like experience right at the comfort of your own home. The first step is to use the Power Bright 3 Step Professional Brightening System. This contains three different products which are designed to polish, brighten and add glow to your skin. This mask is sold for $66.00 CAD in Sephora for the full box.

The Power Bright contains three tubes that are numbered from 1 to 3 which acts as a guide on which products you need to use. There’s also a detailed instruction on how to use these three products which I find very helpful because the product actually was overwhelming for me in the beginning.

To polish the skin, you have to use the tube number 1. This contains the “The Moment of Truth 2 -in-1 Polishing Sugar Mask”.

The mask is exactly what the name describes it to be and it actually reminds me of a sugar and honey face mask it’s just that this one has a citrus smell in it which I really like. The sugar like crystals in this mask is actually bigger than a regular sugar but it is surprisingly very gentle on the skin. You have to apply this mask and leave it for ten minutes on your skin and after washing it off, it turned my skin super soft!

The next step is to apply tube number 2 which contains the Truth 25% Vitamin C Concentrate.

The consistency of this mask is creamy but it turns to an almost powdery feel when applied to the skin. A little goes a long way for this mask so you don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face. I also like that this feels so gentle and soft on the skin. When I first used this mask, it did cause a little bit of tingling feeling but it’s very bearable, this effect continued until the second and third use. You have to leave this mask for about 2-3 minutes without rinsing it before applying the mask number 3.

The final tube contains the Uncover The Truth 3-in-1 Melting Cleanser.

This literally smells and looks like lemon to me. It’s a gel mask that has a thin and soft consistency which applies really smoothly to the skin. Compared to the mask number 2, this made me feel a stronger tingling feeling which seems to subside a bit during the third use. After letting it stay for about 15 minutes, I then use the complexion sponge to remove the mask from my face before proceeding to my regular cleansing step.

The final step is to use the Truth Serum.

I apply this serum to jump start my nightly skin care routine. The smell of this serum is heavenly! It’s just like a fresh Clementine scent which gives you a relaxing and calming feeling. The serum is very liquidy but potent so you don’t need a lot of product to cover your full face. In fact, I only use two pumps to cover my entire face and it’s more than enough. This also dries so quickly which is a real time saver. I did notice a big difference since I started to incorporate this serum on my night skin care routine, I feel like it helped my skin absorb every products that I use every night because I don’t feel the usual greasiness from my night moisturizer the next morning.

Over all, I’m very impressed with this set. It’s such a good value and size to try out these products before purchasing the regular sizes. They’re all very effective and worked as they’re claimed to be. In fact, I did notice that my skin looked brighter after just one use! After a few uses, I noticed my red spots and acne scars starts to fade which really surprised me because I’ve been looking for something to help me with these issues but haven’t found any effective products until I tried this set. I would highly recommend these products to anyone with acne scarring or redness because it really works!

I really wish Sephora will make this set available again because the individual products are expensive which can really cost you a lot to purchase each item.

Have you tried this set? How’d you like it?

Much love,

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  • marebare71234
    November 20, 2017 at 12:31 PM

    That’s a cool set!

  • Bay Area Beauty Blogger
    November 20, 2017 at 1:24 PM

    I haven’t tried this set, but I do love Ole Henriksen products! I totally agree, this set should be regularly availabe at Sephora!

  • outofmythoughts
    November 20, 2017 at 6:59 PM

    I love the smell of the serum as well and it works so well too. ?

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