“Product Review: Lip Exfoliator by e.l.f. Cosmetics”

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As much as I love Autumn I just hate how its cold temperature can dry out my skin including my lips. It’s at this time of the year when I find moisturizing and exfoliating much important to keep my skin hydrated and healthier. I always make it a point to start a more intense skin care regimen during the Autumn season to prepare my skin on the much more harsh Winter weather.

One of my recent discoveries and a new staple on my skin care routine is the Cherry Tart Lip Exfoliator from e.l.f. cosmetics which I first talked about on my e.l.f. Cosmetics Autumn Haul post.

Firstly, I really love that this exfoliator came in a lipstick tube because it made the application so much easier. The packaging looks so chic with its all black color while the e.l.f.’s name is neatly embossed in white at the bottom part of the tube.

I noticed that this exfoliator does not have a distinct smell or taste which is perfect for me since I really don’t like lip products with a striking taste especially odor.

The product looks smooth and creamy, almost like a regular lipstick once you open the tube which initially made me doubt this product’s effectivity as an exfoliator because the consistency seems so soft for it to even work properly. So I was surprised when the product literally melted on my lips after I applied it and the smooth consistency slowly turned to a sugar like texture. It still felt so soft on my lips though and it did an amazing job on gently removing any trace of dry skin on my lips. I noticed however that the product itself won’t do all the job because if you do so, you’ll end up just finishing the entire tube in just a few uses. So after applying a decent amount of product on my lips, I just use my finger to gently rub it on my lips for a more thorough exfoliation. It’ll leave some white liquidy residue on your lips which you can easily wipe off with a clean napkin or even just wash it off.

I didn’t notice any burning sensation on my lips after every use making this a really gentle product on my lips.

After just one use, I noticed that my lips are softer and it effectively removed any dry skin on my lips leaving it feeling and looking smooth.

I personally use this as a part of my nightly routine or before lipstick application to remove any dryness or any skin peeling on my lips. My lips doesn’t looked chapped now which feels amazing. The only thing I didn’t like about this is that it’s not reall moisturizing so it’s very important to use a lip balm after every use.

Over all, this is such an effective lip exfoliator and very much affordable for just $3.00 USD. I like that it’s packed with Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and Shea butter because these ingredients are very beneficial to the skin.

Have you tried this exfoliator yet? What are your thoughts about it?

Much love,

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  • beautyonabudget94
    November 4, 2017 at 5:45 AM

    I love having this in my bag. It’s so easy just to pull out, and quickly exfoliate your lips hahah ? I have the mint one at the moment, but I’ve heard they have a coconut scented one that I’m wanting to try so bad ❤ Great post lovely.

  • Joy The Witch
    November 4, 2017 at 6:47 AM

    Such a good deal!! Nice review

  • Don't Give a Jam
    November 4, 2017 at 12:28 PM

    this sounds really nice & looks so pretty! I feel like for the price, needing lip balm after wouldn’t bother me! great review girl ?

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