“Product Review: Josie Maran’s 100% Pure Argan Oil”

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It’s no secret how beneficial Argan Oil is that’s why many brands started using this amazing oil as one of their main ingredients in many beauty and skin care products. The 100% Pure Argan Oil from Josie Maran is one of the initial products that came out in the market that really made a big roar and made a lot of ladies crave for this including of course me!

I was however a bit on the skeptic side initially and thought that this oil is just one of those over hyped and of course over priced products. I remember checking this out in Sephora years ago when the hype just started and I was just so shocked of the price and so I eventually decided to pass and tried not to ever think about it again!

I finally gave in on my curiosity for this amazing product last month and purchased the small size which you’ve probably seen on my September 2017 Sephora Haul post. Needless to say, I was super excited to finally include this on my skin care routine and hoped for positive results. I’ve been using it twice daily for over a month now and I can honestly say that this really works you guys and it’s really worth the purchase!

The product came in a bottle designed to preserve the oil in it’s best quality to ensure effectivity. I also liked that it came with a dropper which makes it easy to measure the right amount of product to use plus it’s very sanitary too.

I use this as a face moisturizer day and night and use about 2 or 3 drops each time. This did help to deeply moisturize my skin and although my skin type is more on the oily side, the side of my nose and mouth are dry including my chin but ever since using this oil, the dryness seems to magically disappear. I also noticed that it helped to reduce the appearance of my acne scars and redness on my right cheek (they’re not as big but it’s still my biggest face insecurity). I’ve used so many products to solve this but I’ve never seen noticeable results until using this oil. It also seems to calm and heal the over all condition of my skin. My face looks and feels healthier, more smooth and hydrated. In fact, even if I have less than five hours of sleep, I still wake up with a well rested and hydrated skin. This never caused me to breakout and in fact seems to help heal my previous breakouts which is why I’m so in love with this product.

There’s also a light version of this oil that is also available in Sephora which is apparently better to use in the morning but I really find the regular version also good as a morning moisturizer since it never made my face looks oily and it never interfered on my makeup. I even feel like this helped to prepare my skin for makeup application because my skin seems to absorb my foundation more thoroughly giving me a more natural and dewy finish.

Now, there’s so many other brands in the market for a way lesser price but after doing my own little research, I personally think that Josie Maran offers the best Argan Oil because she uses 100% Argan Oil as the main and ONLY ingredient for this product. Also, it’s guaranteed that it was grown organically and was cold pressed to make sure that you are getting the correct vitamins and fatty acids that’s really beneficial for the skin. It’s also cruelty free which is a big check for me because we love our animals! A small size is also available at Sephora for $19.00 CAD which would last you two months since a little goes along way for this product if you want to try it without breaking the bank!

Overall, this is my newest holy grail and I would definitely recommend this to basically everyone. It has so much benefits not only for the skin but for the nails and hair as well. It’s also rich with Vitamin E which is perfect to slow down the aging process. I am now on my late twenties so I thought it’s perfect for me to start using these kind of products (sigh). It’s on the pricey side but buying the pure oil is really expensive since the procedure to produce this oil is very tedious and companies who produce this needs to use an amber bottle to preserve the properties of the oil which adds more on the cost. The result that you get makes the purchase so worth it so I think it’s still a nice purchase.

Have you tried using the 100% Argan Oil from Josie Maran? Did you find it effective?

Much love,

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  • Tigritsa
    October 13, 2017 at 5:37 AM

    I have one of these I need to give a try once I’m done with my Fresh facial oil! I love that it doesn’t make you break out because that’s always my concern with trying new products! This will be perfect for Winter!

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