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Nature Republic is a cosmetics brand hailing from South Korea, this brand proudly uses naural ingredients on their products. The Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA 92% GEL 300ml [Misc.] is the very first product I’ve ever tried from them. I talked about this gel moisturizer briefly on my August Favorites post but since I am really loving it, I thought it would be a great idea for me to share a detailed post with you guys on why I’m so in love with it and what it did on my skin.

To be honest, I don’t know much of this brand since Korean beauty products are very limited here in Montreal thus making my knowledge of the Korean cosmetics very minimal. During my visit at the only Korean beauty store I’m aware of here in Montreal last month, me and my sister discovered this product because it was highly recommended by the store’s representative. She told us that it sells so qucikly because the product is very effective and apparently, a lot of their customers comes back to repurchase this moisturizer and so we decided to give this product a try.


The smell of Aloe Vera is very much apparent when you open the container and the gel almost looks like you just scrape it out from a fresh Aloe Vera plant making you believe that this moisturizer really contained 92% Aloe Vera. The product is very cooling on the skin when applied which feels so relaxing especially at night. The consistency is very light but rich with enough product so you don’t need much to cover your entire face but I tend to sometimes put so much of the product because the gel really feels relaxing and so in the the end it takes a bit time for my skin to absorb it. If you apply enough product then it could dry a bit faster. However, I avoid applying so much of the product in the morning because it could be heavy on the skin making you feel like you just put a egg white mask on your face.


I first used the moisturizer before going to bed on the same day I purchased it and I was very impressed on how smooth my skin felt the very next morning. It also helped to minimize my pores after continuosly using it making a clean canvas for makeup application. This is also very hydrating which really helped to remove my skin’s dryness especially in the corner of my nose and lips.

Although it is a bit watery, the product never interfered on my makeup application at all, I even feel like this product is helping my skin to absorb my foundation rather smoothly giving me an almost flawless finish.

The very thing that impressed me about this moisturizer is its ability to prevent new breakouts and how it can help to minimize any sign of previous breakouts. Since I started using this last month, I never had any new zits to worry about which is the sole reason why I am so in love with this moisturizer! With continuous use, it can also help to minimize any redness or scars, it’s as if it’s healing your face from all the impurities. I also noticed that it can help to remove white heads better than a few face masks I’ve tried before.

Over all, I am so impressed with this product and I can’t wait to discover more from Nature Republic, I would highly recommend it to anyone regardless of your skin type. You can see great results in just one week (could even be less) and this one product can do so many wonders on your skin which is not possible with other moisturizers. It’s also very affordable for only $7.00 for a 300 ml moisturizer!

I can honestly say that my skin is in it’s best right now and I haven’t been even using this product for a month yet so I am really excited on the result once I am able to finish off the product completely.

If you want to give this product a try, you can purchase it by clicking this link: Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture ALOE VERA 92% GEL 300ml [Misc.]

Have you already tried this moisturizer or any product from Nature Republic?



Much love,

Arlene Kischaen Aboli


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    September 12, 2017 at 3:54 AM

    I have this! love thisss~

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